Verlene Gardner Scholarship

My first wife died in April, 2000.  During the next several months I was able to establish an endowed scholarship in her name for female students at Toccoa Falls College.  This is the fourteenth year to award this scholarship.

My wife, Donna, and I presented this scholarship to a young lady today who is majoring in Teacher Education.  As she came into Donna’s Office she began to tell us that when she heard the news she began to cry because she needed help this semester and next semester.  She is a graduating senior and was very grateful for the scholarship.

As my wife and I talked with her we heard her appreciation for the scholarship.  She felt very blessed that the Lord had brought her this meaningful award.  She showed that blessing with her glowing face and her big smile.

I am grateful for our family who helped finance this endowment along with the several alumni from our class.  This scholarship made a difference in the life of this young lady.  So on a very wet and rainy day in Toccoa Falls, Georgia, a miracle of blessing was experienced by this young student who will go from here to impact her world with the love and message of Jesus Christ.

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