Back in the fall I was asked to consider being a Reading Tutor for AmeriCorps at one of the elementary schools.  I agreed and after training became involved in this fine and outstanding program.  I meet with 14 students from Monday through Thursday each week and teach them as well as listened to the read.  We played word games as well.

I was able to see progress in the lives of students as well as in their reading ability.  Several earned awards and have moved up in their reading.  One student, when he had finished his session, went to his next class.  I walked in the hallway and he came up to me and gave me a hug.  He was so appreciative of someone who would work with him to see progress in his reading.

We have heard over the years, “Leaders are Readers”.  I try to impress on these young students that progress in life comes through being able to read well and absorb the knowledge for the future.  I also model the servanthood before them.    I believe that the students will be better in the future because of the care that tutors put in their lives.

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