Retirement Revisited

I remember 20 months ago announcing my retirement and looking forward to being involved in a variety of opportunities around the home and town.  One year ago I retired and became President Emeritus and began to travel and visit with donors and trustees in my support of the college and fund raising.  I envisioned being a fund raiser, an interim pastor, or speaking for the college.  And I did do some of that during the early months.

I now see what people who have retired before me were saying.  You need something to do.  I read Luke and the Lord says “Occupy Until I Return.”  And I desire to follow the Lord with my talents and “occupy until He returns.”  So I desire to be involved in His work whether it be fund raising for colleges, an interim pastor, or a consultant in higher education administration.  As a healthy, energetic person I have a strong desire to do the Lord’s work no matter what my age.

I trust the Lord to provide in His timing and in His way.  And when He does God will bless the work and give success.

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President Emeritus Toccoa Falls College

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