Equipping Cambodia’s Next Generation for Life Transformation

It has been almost one year since I visited Cambodia for the second time.  During these last eleven months I have been once again to Cambodia to view the progress of the work of EQUIPCambodia as well as teach and preach.  The transitional youth I met were well on their way to learning English and learning more about Jesus.  As I taught them one evening in the church, they all sat eagerly listening to the Word of God as we ministered to them about prayer.  I left Cambodia in November excited about the wonderful things that the Lord is doing among these young men and women.

We would hear last month that at least four young men would be coming to join the ministry sometime in February, this month.  They were eager to hear more about the Lord and further their education so that they could make a difference in the future of their country.  A place was needed to house them, teach them, and provide a good home for them to finish their education and training.

About two weeks ago a new facility was found which was reasonable in rental price and would be large enough to accommodate four additional young men who would be arriving in May or June.  Wow! We were seeing God work to provide the transitional youth and we were now needing funds for this future ministry.

Partnerships are being formed with others in the area of Cambodia to assist the ministry in planning for the future and providing some financial support but much more is needed.  Cambodia is open to preaching and teaching and we must be ready to go forward by faith.

In Joshua 3 we find that as the priests went forward carrying the ark the waters of the Jordan parted and they went across on dry ground just as the Lord told them.  But it took faith to take that first step.  And when the first step was taken the waters parted.

We today are faced with a great challenge.  It is up to us to step forward, step into the water and watch the Lord provide the dry, firm ground on which to walk.  We pray for the provision of funds for the new facilities.  We pray for funds to education the young men, but most of all we pray for faith to enable us to step into the waters and depend on the Lord to provide all that is needed for the completion of His Work.

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