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This past Fall I was invited to go to China to see the ministry of Global Partners and assist in teaching Servant Leadership.  I left on November 18 and flew to Beijing.  Here I met my friend and began an awesome week of ministry.  We taught 32 young Chinese business people about Servant Leadership.  We talked about goals, keeping our lives in balance, and writing our life plan.  Of the 32 students all but 6 were Christians.  I was able to teach 3 sessions of Servant Leadership and share personal experiences in my life.  The students were in their 20s and 30s.

During this time I was able to see some sights around the city and go to the Great Wall, climb it and walk on the wall for about one half mile.  It was a trip of a life time.  I rode in the subway with thousands of my closest friends, (it was very crowded).  I road a bus where I stood all the time, and I was able to make friends, who have contacted me since I have been home.  I found the people in this 22 million person city friendly, helpful, and with desires and needs just like me.  I found a large group of Christians who are meeting in a variety of places to worship the Lord.

God is doing a great work in China and the Lord is being worshipped and praised.

A highlight of my trip was the opportunity to preach in a church on Sunday morning.  The church had started in June with 5 people and now had 65.  At the service that morning we had 6 non believers in the congregation.  It was a wonderful way to share what Jesus had done in me and could do in each person in the room.

The trip was a wonderful opportunity to share the Jesus Christ with people in China.


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