Change in Life

Change is inevitable I have been told.  If we don’t change we die.  Good comments as we come to those milestones in our lives where we see changes happening.  That happened to me this year.  I retired from the presidency of  Toccoa Falls College yet I continued as a fundraiser for the college, which was one of my previous roles.  I found that even though I have been at the college for over 28 years I am viewed differently because of the job change.

In church on October 16 our pastor spoke on Matthew 22:15 – 22.  His topic was being the Image of Christ in our world.  As he delivered his sermon he made a statement that captured my attention.  “Our identity is defined by the Lord, not by our successes or failures, our position, or other things.”  I reflected on others sermons that I had given and the theme of Jesus living His life through you rang true.  If we are allowing Jesus to live His life through us our identity is certainly defined by Him, not by any thing that we do or accomplish.  It is all about Jesus and not about us.  I had learned that and preached that but needed that statement at this time to reinforce this fact.  As Jesus lives His life through me, my identity is defined by Him.  My purpose in life to to grow and be like Jesus.  And those changes are life giving to me and to all who do the same.  Let Jesus live through you each day.

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