Six years ago I took a trip to Cambodia to view the work of Christian Organization with a ministry in Cambodia.  I saw the Women’s Center where girls had been rescued from the street and taught a skill.  We saw churches that have been built to minister to the spiritual needs of the Cambodian People.  We also traveled to the jungle and viewed a few of the many relics of the past.

I also saw the needs of the children of Cambodia.  Many were homeless, needy and looking for hope for tomorrow.  That day I committed to provide the education for a Cambodian young man who would come to the states, get his degree and go back and make a difference in his country.  That student has been enrolled in school for the last two years and will graduate in the next year.  This also prompted me to be in on the discussion by two other men to begin a new organization called, “Children Without Hope” which will provide care and education to those street kids I saw.  This organization has been incorporated and now the paperwork is being completed to obtain a 501 (c) 3.  Soon they will be able to make an eternal impact on the lives of children in Cambodia.

Let me share a few of the pictures I took while there six years ago.  Please pray that the Lord will give success and protection to this new organization as they make a difference in this country.

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