This past Saturday I traveled to meet with 12 of my classmates of my high school.  We were meeting to begin the planning of our 50th High School Graduation Reunion.  For two hours we sat and I heard story after story of the football games and plays of years ago.  Finally we got on task and held a meeting.  I was the recording secretary and have the minutes out to all at this time.

We learned that out of 66 members of the class only 48 were still living.  Several of my friends had passed away during the last years.  We are now in a search mode to find all of our classmates.

Several things I learned at the meeting were as follows:

1.    When old classmates meet we talk about the things that happened almost half a century ago like it was only yesterday.

2.   We look around the table and see familiar faces but boy have they aged.  If we met them on the street would we recognize them?  And yet we don’t think we have changed at all.

3.   We all have the same health concerns and talk about them readily even when not asked.

4.   We still have that same friendship we had almost 50 years ago.  Things change but some things remain the same.

5.   You get a warm feeling about that ole group of friends that you had about 50 years ago.  And for those who moved away from the town you are still welcomed and appreciated.

I enjoyed the meeting, the remembering of the old times, the sorrow to hear of those who have gone before us, and the blessing of having friends who have lasted through the years.

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