God Does Provide Through Medical Technology



We have seen how the Lord has made an impact in the lives of our alumni and through them impacted their world.  I want to share with you how the Lord used the foundation provided here at TFC to impact me and build a foundation of trust in the Lord.


It was 3 a.m. on the morning of January 29, 2004.  I had gone to sleep several hours before knowing that my daughter was in the hospital ready to deliver her third child and my fifth grandchild.  The phone rang, and on the other end of the line I heard the voice, she’s out but there is a problem.  I asked what it was.  She has a heart block and must be taken immediately to The Children’s Hospital in Atlanta.  Donna and I came to the hospital and saw our newest granddaughter, pretty and pink and so full of life.  The ambulance would arrive by 7 a.m. and she was on her way.  After several hours of tests she underwent surgery and at 25 hours old had a new pace maker implanted in her side with leads to her heart.  When I walked into the Neonatal ICU there she was, all hooked up with all the wires and the pace maker was causing her heart to be in perfect rhythm. 


What now was the next question.  Well, she could live with a pace maker for her entire life.  Surgeries would need to occur from time to time to lengthen the leads, replace the battery, and replace the pace maker with a new model.  But she was alive. 


As we have come those three years and seven months she has had a problem or two but she is doing well.  Almost two years ago my daughter was told that Nikki would be pacemaker dependant for her entire life.  She was scheduled to have another surgery that month, but when she was checked the last time the family was told by the doctors that they thought she can go another few months before surgery.  She is alive today because of the transplant of a device that kept her from dying.  Through all of those tense moments our faith was not in the doctors, it was in Jesus Christ.  And Toccoa Falls College provided that foundation for me several years ago as a student.  The professors, staff, and other students implanted in my life the knowledge that Jesus is the only way to heaven.  And as I accept Him as my savior I can trust Him with my life and the lives of my family.


More recently she has had the surgery to replace the pace maker and leads to the heart.  She has come through that well and is now a student in pre-kindergarten.  She continues to experience the blessing of the Lord and the wonders of modern medicine.  We are continuing to trust the Lord that one day she will experience the healing of the Lord in her heart. 


As new students come to Toccoa Falls College not only for the best academic education they can receive anywhere, but they also come to receive a strong spiritual, character building foundation on which to build your life.  And that foundation is strong Christian character and integrity modeled in the classroom and on this campus. 


Today, you and I have also had a transplant.  We accepted JC who lives within our heart and now we will live forever.    May we now take that which we have received and impact the world with the love and message of Jesus.




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